Privacy Policy

The sole purpose of this document is to sustain a good understanding between The Veganists and its users, by communicating freely with them about what information we collect from them and how we use it for their benefit, without burdening them with excessive jargon. Hereinafter, the terms "we" or "us" or "our", refer to The Veganists and its management, whereas, terms such as "you" or "your" pertain to any user of

Personal Information

"Personal information" refers to any information you provide to us that allows you to be contacted or identified. We ask you for it so as to help you avail the services we strive to provide you with, and to contact you regarding our services or any specific enquiries you may have made. Moreover, we only ask for necessary information such as your name, email address, contact no., etc. and we do so, with your consent.


If we choose to share your personal information with a third party, or on any other platform, we shall do so with your consent. The vendors and service providers enlisted with us may contact you regarding any enquiries you may have made with us regarding their products or services. We have put various physical, technical and ethical barriers into place to ensure your privacy and to safeguard your personal information such as verification of your identity before granting you access, etc. Moreover, you can alter the information you choose to share with us at any point of time. It is in our best interest to protect and cherish your interest and therefore we work arduously to do the same however, any breaches in our security above and beyond the parameters of our standard security measures are not something that we can be held liable for. Therefore, any such risks are to be taken on your discretion.

Compromises on Privacy

The only few predicaments in which we would dare to compromise your privacy and security are listed below-If we have your consent to do so. If we are obliged by law to do the same (referring to court orders, police enquiries and the like). Also, one of the most basic barriers that uphold your privacy and security happen to be your Log In information and your password, and they rest with you. Therefore, it is advisable that you do not divulge this information to anyone. Yet, if you happen to reveal you password to someone, we urge you to change it immediately as it will also endanger any financial transactions you may have engaged in through your Log In ID. With that, we consider you forewarned regarding any such mishaps and we will not take responsibility for the like.

Content on Our Website

We hereby declare that we do not take responsibility for the practices or enactments of any other websites that we happen to be affiliated with at any given point of time. For more insight into the programmes and regimes of the websites linked with us, we advise you to check their privacy policies. We expect you to refrain from posting any explicit or abusive content on our website and we will also maintain our ethical boundaries regarding the matter. If you do not abide by these ethics, we are fully capable and free to take necessary action against the culprit. We may also post pictures of married couples and vendors integrated with us, and we do so with their permission. However, if any user has a problem with what information we share about him, he must get in touch with us regarding the same, so that we can take necessary action.

Why Choose Us?

The Veganists is a firm providing comprehensive Quality Services. We are a highly structured, performance oriented and customer centric organization catering to a gamut of client needs, right from Quality Assurance using proven methodologies to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products. We strive to earn the trust of our clients by providing timely and cost-efficient high-quality services through diligent planning.